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How does Etnicom work?

1. Call the free phone number 800 030 133 or call a geographical number at the cost of a local call.
2. Select the language and enter the PIN (12 digits) if prompted.
3. Dial the destination number, including the country code.

The Call-Back service is active on your mobile. The system will call you back, and you save money!
To know how much REMAINING CREDIT you have and store the PIN, dial 9# after entering the PIN. This will allow you to avoid having to enter it the next time you call.

Doubts about how to use this service?

Take a look at our FAQ.
If you still haven’t found what you were looking for, send us an email at etnicom@clouditalia.com, and we will take care of it immediately. Or you can call the free phone number 800 913 102 (from landline) and 06 99 360 361 (from mobile, the call will be charged at the rate of your provider).